ProAm USA Taurus XL HD750

ProAm USA Taurus XL HD750


20ft Crane

The right piece of equipment for the serious professional, the HD750’s newly revamped design makes this one of the highest quality camera cranes available today. Built in five sections, this modular crane reaches a total of twenty feet in length while still being compatible with cameras up to thirty pounds. This unit includes a heavy duty tripod and full 360-degree bearing mount. With auto-tilt and a cable system for support in each length, photographers can trust that the scratch-resistant powder coating of this crane will make its lifetime warranty obsolete.
The new ProAm USA HD750 is a 5 section, heavy duty modular crane capable of converting to 12′, 16′ or 20′ lengths.

In the 20′ length the HD750 extends 16′ from tripod and supports up to 20 lbs.
In the 16′ length the HD750 extends 12′ from tripod and supports up to 25 lbs.
In the 12′ length the HD750 extends 8′ from tripod and supports up to 30 lbs.
A heavy duty tripod stand and 360º bearing mount are included.

Rental includes motorized head to remotely pan and tilt the attached camera. (Size and weight of camera permitting)

Due to the size and nature of this piece of equipment we require a technician to setup and dismantle this hardware. Please contact with details of your production for accurate pricing.

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The crane will automatically tilt the camera.

Comes with heavy duty cabling system to support each configuration.
The coating is a matte black scratch-resistant powder coating.