Glidetrack SD Hybrid

Glidetrack SD Hybrid



The SD Hybrid Slider – 40″ (1m) from GlideTrack achieves a variety of professional-looking tracking shots with mid-size DSLR and camcorder rigs.

The GlideTrack Hybrid differs greatly over its GlideTrack predecessor; it has improved smoothness and the highly-upgraded functionality in its feet. The Hybrid combines Drylin self-lubricating liners with 8 individual roller bearings, and this is how it achieves professional smoothness.

Cleaning is much simpler with the greaseless bearings; all you need to do is rinse it with water and put them back. Additionally, the greaseless bearings require 4 – 5 times less force than traditional bearings, making them significantly easier to operate. As for its newly designed feet, they are rubber and adjustable to allow for shooting on inclines, uneven ground, and even upside down.

Rental PeriodRate
1 Day$25.00
4 Days$88.00
1 Week$140.00
10 Days$175.00
2 Weeks$210.00

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Smooth Glide Bearings
With an open architecture design, the bearings are considerably easier than traditional bearings to replace or clean if needed.

Multiple Mounting Points
Use it with a single or double tripod setup, or standalone on its custom-made scratch-free feet.

Lock Position
The carriage can be locked in position using the small adjuster on the side of the carriage.

Easy Setup
Setup is a matter of seconds; then you’re ready to shoot professional grade video from your existing DSLR kit.