10ft x 24ft Muslin Backdrop

10ft x 24ft Muslin Backdrop


Backdrop System

This Background System Kit with 10×24′ White, Black and Chroma Green Muslins is a complete, lightweight and portable system. It also comes with two Adjustable Clamp Company’s 2″ Classic “A” Clamps. The support system will support seamless paper up to 11′ in width, as well as accommodate the 12′ width of any brand of muslin background. Total weight distributed across the length of the crossbar should not exceed 20 lb.

Rental PeriodRate
1 Day$25.00
4 Days$96.00
1 Week$154.00
10 Days$200.00
2 Weeks$224.00

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The system consists of 2 heavy-duty professional support stands with 3 positive locking knobs and tubular legs, a sturdy 4 piece crossbar that snaps together with positive button locking devices, 2 “A” clamps, and a heavy-duty canvas carry bag.

It is suggested to secure the stands with gaffer tape, or weight bags when using any background setup where there are several people, or active children on the set.