ADS Media welcomes major new addition

Matt PavoneBlog

ADS Media is proud to announce the addition of a new large format console to our studios.
As a small business,audio1 you often have milestone moments – our first REAL computer, the first (and hopefully last) time we moved our studios, new employees and new clients.  Sometimes those milestones happen without us really noticing. Today however, we mark a large milestone in the evolution of the studio.
We are the proud parents/owners of a new baby – a brand-new yet old-school world-class large format recording board. Having exhausted my supply of hyphenated words, I’ll summarize by saying ‘it sounds great’. Made by Audient in the UK, this board takes the old world quality and tone of vintage boards, and applies the latest tech and sound isolation to really join the best of both worlds.  In short, it sounds great and is super quiet – plus all the channels sound the same! (can your old Neve say that? Probably not as console’s can’t talk).
What this means is that our already high quality has taken a major leap forward.  We always were about what we like to call the ‘last 10%’. You can bring a project to 80 or 90% perfection with relative ease, but as you near the ‘last 10%’, it sometimes take that little something extra to get there.  That’s what ADS is about, that something extra.  That’s what this console helps bring our clients. I think it will fit in well around here.